College of Visual Arts to close June 30

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The current economics crisis has struck the arts scene again. Today, the College of Visual Arts announced that it will be closing its doors at the end of its spring semester. The private, accredited four-year institution, located on the posh Summit Avenue of St. Paul, was founded in 1924.

The school offered degrees in fashion design, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, and photography. Over its 88 years, the college served as an incubation period for many young creative types who would go on to contribute to the Twin Cities creative community and beyond.

According to a statement released today, declining student enrollment and declining federal and state financial aid support put the CVA in a precarious position. Despite implementing a five-year plan, the school came up short, seeing a 21 percent decline in enrollment in 2012.

"Although CVA's tuition is one of the lowest in the state," said Ann Ledy, president of CVA, via today's press announcement, "students have found it more and more difficult to pay their way. With declining federal and state financial aid support, and the challenges surrounding private loans, students cannot afford the college of their dreams."

Although the school will not be seeing most of its current students through to graduation, the institution has been working with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in order to offer those currently enrolled at CVA the opportunity to complete their degrees there.

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They should have shrunk back to the original intimate school. Back when they only had the one building and a offsite rented spot for a few classes and shows. They were over stretched. What a shame to lose in that community. "Tuition one of the lowest in the state" are you kidding me lady.


Will there be an investigation into the president of CVA? and or the board? How could they have such a huge expansion of facilities in the past year without "living within their means" of student attendance. 

Seems like other privates in St paul like St Kate's and Macalester are expanding in this same economy. I think Ledy is looking to the economy as a scapegoat.


@hooligan2 They were $9k less than MCAD per year for the same or better education. Also, with the financial aid grants I got, it was cheaper to go there than the U of M for me. (about 6 years ago.)

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