Leviticus Tattoo offers $102 tattoos on Saturday

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From the hand-pricked tattoos of the '20s to learning tricks of the tat trade in Asia, Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins changed the way people ink themselves forever. While we've progressed from old-school pinups and swallows to more detailed work, there's still a certain charm to Sailor Jerry's iconic body art.

This Saturday, Leviticus Tattoo and Piercing will commemorate the legendary tattoo artist's 102nd birthday by offering $102 tattoos. The catch? They've got to be Sailor Jerry-style.

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Leviticus Tattoo's '$101 Sailor Jerry Tattoo Day' [PHOTOS]

Retro is all the rage, so why not show off your love of nostalgia with a Sailor Jerry-style tat? Go on, get that saucy vixen on your back or a soaring eagle on your chest. Or, if you're feeling extra cheeky, go for the infamous Aloha monkey. The sky's the limit with what you can pick, as long as it's on the Leviticus list of tattoos, which will be revealed in-store on Saturday. For ideas as to what you can expect, take a sneak-peek below, or check out some of the designs from last year on the business's Facebook page.

Just a few of the designs you can choose on Saturday.

Remember not to indulge in the tat artist's eponymous rum before hitting up Leviticus, since you'll probably want to be of sober mind lest you end up with DRAKE on your forehead. (Just kidding, chances are that you won't be let anywhere near a chair while intoxicated...)

Leviticus will be open for extended hours on Saturday from noon until midnight so that people can indulge their wild side and get a new work of body art.

If you do visit the parlor tomorrow, be sure to snap a photo of your tattoo and send it to our email or tweet it to @cpdressingroom before Monday. We'll show off your fresh ink with a slideshow next week.


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"...Do not mark your skin with tattoos...."  Lev. 19:28, The Holy Bible.

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