Long lines, three clubs, and a car wreck: NYE in Minneapolis

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Seven Sushi Ultralounge and Skybar

I met up with a handful of friends at Seven with the intention of staying for a little while before heading to our final destination at the Kitty Cat Klub to meet up with more friends when the clock struck midnight.

Getting into the Seven was easy enough, though the line was out the door and filled with women in the most miniature of mini skirts shivering in the bitter cold air. We easily made our way through the street-level bar area and upstairs where the action was. The space was darkly lit with Seven's signature warm orange glow (and a ton of black and gold balloons). The vibe was fun, packed with lots large groups of friends guzzling drinks and chatting.

There wasn't nearly as much space to dance, though revelers made their own little dance circles around the second floor. DJs played Top 40 tunes and brought out a few older hits, too. I especially appreciate any DJ who whips out Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." (Can you believe that song is nine years old now? What?)

Originally, we decided to run off to the Kitty Cat Klub via bus so before midnight. However, we eventually realized traffic would be too congested to get us over to Dinkytown in time. Since we were staying, I decided to check my coat, and ended up standing in line for more than 20 minutes. After finally ridding myself of the bane of any winter-time partygoer my jacket, I tried to get back upstairs. Unfortunately, there was now a bouncer at the foot of the stairs refusing to let anyone through. Some lucky souls were able to talk him into letting them upstairs, but I stood with an ever-growing and frustrated crowd on the main level watching snippets of Jay Leno on the bar TV. After spending 45 minutes on the ground floor going nowhere, we decided to try out what First Avenue had to offer with precious few minutes until midnight.

Personal Bias:
I really wanted to like what Seven had to offer. (Hello, no cover charge for a great party? Sign me up!) I met up with friends and was able to get to the bar pretty quickly despite the huge crowd. It was disappointing that I wasn't able to get back upstairs again after checking my coat.

The Crowd:
Very, very similar to the crowd at Epic.

Overheard in the Crowd:
"I think I almost knocked over a congressman!"

Random Notebook Dump:
There were a lot of people standing in line outside Seven when we left that were going to continue to spend a ridiculously long time waiting to get in to the full club at midnight.

Next up, 7th Street Entry...

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