Long lines, three clubs, and a car wreck: NYE in Minneapolis

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7th Street Entry

Tatiana Craine

We were standing in line outside of First Avenue for its New Year's Eve Danceteria when we heard the sound of revving and tires screeching behind us. We turned around in time to see a gray SUV careen down 7th Street without any inclination of slowing down for the line of cars waiting at the light on First Avenue. The SUV hit a sports car and a pole before pausing just a moment. We thought the driver might get out and assess the damage. Instead, he reversed and hit the gas, coming straight at people standing on the sidewalk, before turning sharply and speeding off down the road. We phoned in the driver's plates to 911. The staff at First Avenue was also on top of the situation, immediately checking on the car's passengers and calling for help as well.

Shaken by what had just happened, we turned around and noticed a poster for Mark Mallman's New Year's Eve celebration at the Entry.

My group walked in with 90 seconds until the stroke of midnight to see Mallman behind his piano onstage, riling up the crowd for the night's big moment. Mallman played on after midnight with ecstatic energy, his sweat flying into the rapt crowd as he ran around stage throughout his set.

Personal Bias:

I've never seen Mark Mallman before, but boy does he put on a good show.

The Crowd:
Hip twenty- and thirty-somethings bopping along to the music.

Overheard in the Crowd:
It was a pretty quiet bunch, except for the New Year's countdown. People were obviously there for the music and a fun, relatively low-key concert.

Random Notebook Dump:
Mark Mallman said this out loud: "I need you to welcome the powers of the sensei and the jazz flute."

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