HGTV and DIY Networks want to redo your kitchen and bath

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I Hate My Bath host Jeff Devlin
Most folks may shudder when entertaining the thought of appearing on a reality television show. But what if you were cast on a program where you ended up with a brand-new kitchen or bathroom at the end of filming? If this sounds more your speed, then you should consider answering Magnetic Productions' casting call.

The production company is currently looking for homeowners to star in episodes of I Hate My Kitchen and I Hate My Bath. Both programs air on HGTV and the DIY Network, and are filmed in the Twin Cities area.

Casting agents are looking for people game to renovate their bathrooms or kitchens. The press release states that folks "must be open to fun, out-of-the-box design ideas." So, if you're only interested in some standard cabinetry and granite counter tops, you should probably sit this one out. Depending on the scope/intensity of your renovations, you may be expected to contribute financially, but you'll probably be getting a pretty sweet deal. Homes must be in the 25-mile metro area of Minneapolis (sorry, folks in Rochester).

For more information, and to apply to be on either show (it looks like they are also casting for a program where they redo your lawn!), visit

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Don't apply if you've got cats - host can't work in homes where cats live, even if they're removed.


This is a sham. They WILL ask you to contribute financially and it will be more than if it was actually a DIY project. They may not even do your full room if it is too large and they will expect you to pay a contractor more money to get it completed within the scheduled film time. They strung us along for months only to find out they couldn't do our kitchen in the allocated time and could not find any donations or additional funds. They basically wanted us to pay to be on tv and did not care about our kitchen. Make sure you get the full story before you agree to do this. HUGE disappointment!


They re-did our bathroom and it is amazing! It's a whirlwind experience, but they did a phenomenal job and we had a blast with the crew. If I ever had the chance to do it again, I absolutely would!

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