Minnesota's zombiefied celebrities, Walking Dead-style

Categories: WTF

F. Scott Fitzgerald
"First the walker takes a bite, then the bite takes a bite, then the bite takes you." - F. Scott Fitzombie

Al Franken
Let's hope he doesn't spread this to the rest of the Senate.

Mark Dayton
Imagine running into this face at the Capitol.

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This was great. Mark Dayton's version was spot on. Minus the bloody mouth, he actually looks like this on a daily basis!

Natalie Hagemo
Natalie Hagemo

Loved it! I'm curious to see if Carl's dad recovers from what is surely a mental breakdown. I'm also glad that Carl has been staying put and no longer running off like a pain in the ass.

Chris Pederson
Chris Pederson

Bah! Read the graphic, I feel in love with it and doubt I'll watch anymore of the show.

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