Opening soon: Mona Williams boasts discounted high-end fashion

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This Friday marks the opening of Mona Williams, a new designer consignment boutique in northeast Minneapolis, located across the street from Surdyk's. In preparation for the event, the store is already stocked with treasures, including hot items from Chanel, Halston, Alexander McQueen, and Vera Wang.

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The store's charismatic owner, Patric Richardson, has a burning passion for fashion and a precise knowledge of every piece hanging on the racks. Richardson has over 10 years experience, and past gigs have included being women's designer apparel manager at Nordstrom in Mall of America as well as working at Neiman Marcus. His clients have played a big role in the boutique's opening, as he has reached out to them to help build the store's inventory. Some of the more interesting pieces we spotted while visiting included a gorgeous, beaded Versace jacket and a mint condition J. Mendel black mink coat.

Regardless of the high-end items that will be sold in Mona Williams, Richardson has a low-key attitude about shopping.

"People shouldn't be intimidated while shopping designer consignment. We love the clothes too, and we want people to try them on and experience how great they are. It can be like a museum where you can touch things," he says.

The shop is named after Kentucky countess Mona Williams, who was the first American to be named the "Best Dressed Woman in the World" by Chanel, Molyneux, Vionnet, Lelong, and Lanvin in 1933 -- one year before the Duchess of Windsor. Richardson is from Kentucky as well.

"Fabulous is fabulous," says Richardson. "It doesn't matter if it walked the runway yesterday or in 1977. If it's great, it's great forever." Agreed.

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Mona Williams

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i love fashion, but am someone who normally hits vintage, thrift, discount dept stores(off fifth, nordstrom rack,etc).  i'd love to know what the ticket prices run?  could you walk in and find anything for under $100? under $50?  just curious : ) 

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