Best of Dressing Room: March 25-29, 2013

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up
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Photo by Sheila Regan
Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here's some of Dressing Room's top stories this week:

-- Want to be a reality TV star? Big Brother is hosting auditions for its 16th cycle this Saturday at Mall of America.

-- Speaking of TV, the Coen brothers are set to adapt their award-winning Fargo into a 10-part series.

-- Our new Man on the Street series launched with a profile on the dapper Ben Davis.

-- Roger 'Iceman' Hanson's 64-foot ice sculpture collapsed.

-- Local art is always great at the locations that made our Top 10 galleries in the Twin Cities list.

-- 30 Days of Biking kicks off this Saturday.

Have a great weekend!

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