Bill Burr spoils the end of Breaking Bad, investigates the Juicy Lucy

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Bill Burr has made a name for himself by being a cranky dude.

The 44-year-old Massachusetts-based comic has been grinding away for the past 20 years, establishing himself as a "comic's-comic." Over the past few years, Burr has seen his fan base jump thanks to a unique Netflix-first model of releasing his latest special, a hugely successful weekly podcast, and a role on a little show called Breaking Bad. But at the end of the day, he's still the same angry guy. This week, Burr roles into town for two shows at the State Theatre that are guaranteed to have his signature gives-no-fucks attitude. 

Before he steamrolls our fair city, we managed to sit down with the comedian to talk about the Juicy Lucy, Minnesota Wild hockey, and the end of Breaking Bad.

Hey Bill. Thanks so much for talking with us.

Tell me about this Juicy Lucy.


Juicy Lucy. I keep hearing about it. What is it?

It's two burger patties with cheese in the middle.

Okay. And two places out there claimed they invented it, right? So one of them is lying.

I think they both believe they were first.

Fine. So which one do I go to?

I like Matt's Bar, but 5-8 Club is good too.

Alright so I'll go to Matt's Bar. How long should I wait before I bite in?

I'd say at least five minutes if you don't want to burn your mouth, but there's no way you'll be able to hold out that long. Wait, am I being interviewed?

I can do five minutes. You're sure I won't burn my mouth?

Not 100 percent.

Okay, but I'm still going to wait five minutes. So what do you want to talk about?

Alright, let's get this out of the way. You play the role of a henchman on Breaking Bad. How is the show going to end?

I'll tell you how it ends. One person who you think Walt killed in the first couple of seasons shows back up. It's actually someone from the plane crash who you've never met before. So anyways, that guy comes into the bathroom when Walt's in there, drags him out, and cuffs him to a new Winnebago. Then he tells him he has to cook meth again. Then Hank shows up and is like, 'You're busted!' and Walt goes, 'I'm sorry!' and Hank goes, 'I forgive you.' And then Walt looks straight into the camera and goes 'That's all folks!' while the Looney Tunes music plays.

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