Dress Rehearsal at the MIA celebrates the yin-yang of style with Emma Berg

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Vintage custom tulle coat from a private collection.
Yin-yang was the concept running throughout the looks presented at the third-annual Dress Rehearsal, hosted by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It permeated the event with a runway collection of vintage haute couture items that were juxtaposed with a line of entirely new pieces by esteemed local designer Emma Berg.

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Chris McDuffie
Bullock's Wilshire paillette and printed silk dress
The event, founded by Cory and Stephanie Lake, served as a benefit for the MIA's Friends of the Institute. In an effort to give students greater exposure to the arts, this year the Friends will fund a youth filmmaking project and a storyteller series in the museum's African galleries.

Dress Rehearsal began with 16 vintage looks parading down the runway in truly elegant fashion. The collection brought viewers on a trip through fashion history, with pieces including classic Chanel and Dior suits and LBD cocktail ensembles by Vicky Tiel and Bill Blass. George Halley's net embroidered gown brought to mind a stunning version of Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse with its empire waist, intricate trim, and puffed sleeves. The use of tulle and crystal-encrusted flowers smattered all over the gown gave it a modernized 19th-century look.

The 1920s are back in a big way right now, and Bullock's Wilshire's paillette and printed silk dress evoke some of the best parts of the era. The mix of sapphire-blue sequins patterned around muted bronze silk works beautifully in pre-Dust Bowl extravagance.

Chris McDuffie
Bonnie Cashin bolero & Marchesa gown
Rei Kawakubo's Comme Des Garcons is known for some pretty experimental pieces, but this tulle and leather outfit bring together medieval leather-working and feminine elegance for a cocktail ensemble. It's a little Xena -- the look is as bold, daring, and stylish as the Warrior Princess herself -- and is perfect for breaking the LBD mold.

The strapless Marchesa gown was the epitome of elegance, with a pleated skirt flowing from an empire waist. And as for that Bonnie Cashin bolero... who needs fur when you can have turkey feathers? (And who knew turkey feathers could be so beautiful?) The way the cropped, feathered jacket fluttered down the runway, floating on the gentle wind goes to show the incredible craftsmanship and imagination that went into this piece. Despite the simple color palette with these looks, they were as extravagant as ever.

Continue reading for some highlights from Emma Berg's collection.

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