Man on the Street: "You don't want to read Kant while wearing Aeropostale"

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht
(Editor's note: Man on the Street is a new series by Ward Rubrecht. Each month, he'll be snapping pics and chatting with a variety of fashionable dudes who have their own style.)

Name: Ben Davis

Age: 23

Occupation: Violist with the Quad City Symphony Orchestra and violin salesman at Claire Givens Violins.

What pieces are you wearing?

Steve Madden boots from Macy's; selvedge jeans, cardigan, and henley from Gap; blazer from H&M; and the scarf was a gift from my great aunt.

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht
Describe your look:

It's not "hipster"; I wouldn't describe it as that. It's not Seward. It's definitely not Uptown, and not quite Northeast. I've heard people say "European."

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht
Any new acquisitions you're particularly excited about?

A briar pipe from Golden Leaf Tobacco. I'm smoking the "John B" blend.

What three stores do you shop at most frequently?

H&M, Express, and Gap.

Do you have any advice for fashion beginners?

Take a fashionable lady shopping -- or more than one. I've done this ever since senior year of high school. Be open to being uncomfortable.

I own two pairs of jeans. I have a preference towards minimalism, so I'd say find a couple of things that look good and go with them.

Why do you dress the way you do, instead of in, say, boot-cut jeans and Affliction T-shirts?

There's a certain type of character your clothing presents. I drink Scotch, play classical music, read philosophy, smoke a pipe, and these things drive a particular persona. You don't want to read Kant while wearing Aeropostale.
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Photo by Ward Rubrecht

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