Minnesota's top 10 most searched internet porn terms

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Pop quiz: It's 10:42 p.m. on a Wednesday night. You're alone on the couch, the computer is open, and you're sick of stalking exes on Facebook. What do you do?

Quit lying, perv, and embrace your shame.

Internet porn is something that was once vilified for being too awesome, but is now both accepted and even celebrated by the masses (because it is, in fact, awesome). Whether you're a dude or a chick, straight or gay, young or old, you probably have -- at least on occasion -- gotten excited about watching people go at it on your computer screen. But with so much variety out there, what is it that people are TCOB'ing (taking care of business) to? 

A website called Porn MD has answered this question. The porn search engine recently published a fantastic interactive map that breaks down the top 10 most popular porn searches by country and state, allowing us to see just what gets people revved up all over the world. So what are Minnesotans checking out when the urge hits them?

1) College
2) Creampie
4) Teen
5) POV
6) Massage
7) Compilation
8) Amateur
9) Lesbian
10) Anal

While it should come as a bit of a relief that MILFs rank over teens here in our fair state (but no one beats college kids!), there are obviously a few moderate eye raisers on this list (really bros? Compilation? You're just being greedy). All and all though, this list isn't really too crazy. Our neighbors in Wisconsin are fairly similar, with College, Teen, and Creampie taking the top three spots. The real entertainment happens when you get into the South, or when you see how North Dakota is totally living up to its stereotypes (please note that number four says "BBW" as opposed to "BW3." In fairness, both make sense in NorDak).

The most entertaining stat, however, has to be in Alaska, where porn vixen Lisa Ann managed to crack the top 10. In case you aren't familiar, she's the porn princess who famously portrayed Alaska's sexiest politician in the smash porn parody Who's Nailin' Palin? back around the time of the 2008 election. I guess we know why her approval rating was so high. 

Click here to see the full database, but be warned: You can never unlearn that Kansas loves squirters. 

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