R.T. Rybak proclaims today Women of the World Poetry Slam Day

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SlamMN's Allison Broeren
Today, folks from all around the U.S., Canada, and even New Zealand will be traveling to Minneapolis for the four-day Women of the World Poetry Slam competition. The annual event will showcase the world's best performers, all of whom are vying for top slam poetry honors onstage.

This is the first year that Minneapolis has hosted the event.

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Women of the World Poetry Slam: Minneapolis Qualifier

Starting today, over 80 top competitors will be in town. Tonight's performance at Kieran's Irish Pub will serve as an opening party, as well as a qualifier for the final slot in the festival. On Thursday and Friday, 12 poets will take the stage each night at Kieran's and the nearby Institute of Production Recording to duke it out in hopes of making it to Saturday's final slam at Aria.

For more information on the event, visit wow.poetryslam.com. You can also find info on the event in our online calendar listings.

Check out the official proclamation below.


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