St. Catherine University brings sustainable fashions to the runway

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A students hits the runway at MOA
St. Catherine University's apparel, merchandising, and design program is home to award-winning, innovative curriculum in sustainable fashion, with an emphasis on balancing economic, environmental, and societal considerations. Sustainable fashion might sound like an oxymoron, but Assistant Professor Anupama Pasricha says that this is an idea that every student in the program engages in.

"The industry is progressing on sustainability trends in leaps," she says. "It is actually an emerging trend embraced by many designers, as well as the industry." Last night, students demonstrated these ideas as they styled a fashion show at the Mall of America for SCU's annual #ShoutOutStKates Day. Eight alumna were styled in Ann Taylor threads, and current students modeled up-cycled designs created by apparel design students. Materials for these eco-chic dresses included Dorito and Lays chip bags, and pieces that used remnants of Colgate toothpaste tubes.
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From your grocery store to the runway
Before the show, we went behind the scenes where Emily Trevor, a junior apparel design major, showed us around. Trevor styled alumnae Molly Park, the mayor of Sunfish Lake, for the show, and also modeled an up-cycled dress.
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Emily Trevor hits the runway
She says that she is enjoying her time at St. Kate. "I have a chance to forge an intimate relationship with my professors," says Trevor. "The department is a little community which supports each other and bounces design ideas around."
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Assistant Professor Anupama Pasricha and Associate Professor Trudy Landgren
The department has transformed over the years, from its original title of Domestic Science, to Home Economics, to Fashion, Consumer, and Nutritional Science -- much like the roles of women.

"The changes in disciplines have evolved with societal trends," says Pasricha. "Women's evolution is a strong point of our culture, and it feels good to be part of the change."

In preparing for the future, "I'm excited to be a part of a local fashion scene that supports each other and offers ample opportunities to present collections at," Trevor adds. "That is vital coming out of school, and I am excited for next spring to graduate and jump onto a local runway."
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