The Coen brothers adapt Fargo for TV

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With award-winning flicks like No Country for Old Men and O Brother, Where Art Thou? under their belts, the Coen brothers are considered to be masters of the big screen. Their latest project, however, will bring their work to television. FX recently announced that the duo will be adapting their Oscar winning film Fargo into a new series.

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Details on the project are sparse, but the Coen brothers are set to produce the adaptation, which will be a series limited to 10 episodes. Noah Hawley (Bones) will pen the script. The show will air sometime in spring of 2014. There's no word out yet on casting.

It is believed that the series will be loosely based on the movie, so perhaps we will be seeing the return of Frances McDormand's cheery and pregnant police officer in some form. Regardless, the show will most likely have a bit of Minnesota/North Dakota flavor.

Catch the trailer for the original Fargo movie here:

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Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson

Really TV sucks? The high quality shows of today, Game of Thrones, Dexter, House of Cards etc are preferable over feature films to me. Cinema quality, more time for character development, more time to tell longer in depth storied and a large enough budget to do so.

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