Trend-spotting at Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week F/W 2013

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Stacy Schwartz
Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week comes only twice a year. It's prime time to flaunt what you've got -- in your closet, that is. From the amount of heels teetering on icy sidewalks and bare legs shivering in the wind, it was clear that no one was going to let weather get in the way of style.

This year, we did some trend-spotting to see what some of the hottest looks of the season are, both on the runway and off. Here are some of the standout styles we noticed during this winter's most fashionable week in the Twin Cities.

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Black and White

Credit: Stacy Schwartz
Gina Marie Vintage (left), Ivan Idland (middle, right)
Credit: Stacy Schwartz (left, middle); Tony Nelson (right)
Fashionable guests (left, middle); Third Thursday runway look

We may be on the cusp of spring, but black and white are still invading wardrobes in a big way. A splash of white is the perfect way to add some flair to an all-black outfit (and goodness help any brave souls trying to wear all white this time of year).


Credit: Stacy Schwartz (left), Tony Nelson (middle, right)
Ivan Idland design (left), looks from the Emerging Designer Showcase (middle, right)

Hats are big no matter the season -- you can tell it's summer by the floppy hats flying in the wind -- but stay on the lookout for the return of the classic beret.

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