ARENA DANCES goes neon glam for ARENA Bikini

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This Friday, ARENA DANCES is back for its annual fashionable fundraiser, ARENA Bikini. Now in its sixth year, the party features swimwear by top local designers. This year's runway includes looks from Richard Beckel, Adrienne Yancy, Max Lohrbach, Jay Nelson, Anita Jensen, and Raquel Redmond, plus boutiques MartinPatrick3, Nani Nalu, and Rainbow Road.

"ARENA Bikini gives designers a way to step out of the box and make something different," says Sandy Simmons, event producer. "Adrienne, Jay, and Anita are the only designers who typically make bikinis, so the other designers are really going out of their element."

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Dancers strut their stuff at the 2012 party
Max Lohrbach, who showed at MNfashion Week this season, says ARENA Bikini allows him to take a risk and try something new.

"This seemed challenging to me, but it's a chance to show alongside designers and work with a production staff that I haven't been involved with before," Lohrbach says. "It really is fun to contribute to a super dance company. The location [Calhoun Beach Club] is also great."

Lohrbach created a resort collection with hand dyed and embellished silk fabrics.

"I was inspired by the glamorous past of Catalina Island as a vacation retreat for an elegant ease and beauty," he says of his collection.

Each designer was asked to incorporate "neon glam" into their work. The theme will be incorporated into the décor, fashion, and drinks at the event as well. Guests are also encouraged to wear day-glo looks.

Throughout the runway production there will be performance by ARENA dancers to remind the audience what it is they are supporting.

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Max Lohrbach
"We bring modern dance into the show to give people a taste of what it's all about," Simmons says. "Hopefully, they'll enjoy it and come to a performance."

Lohrbach says he is looking forward to seeing a great crowd of people watching the dance performances and seeing his looks on the runway. He encourages people to come and enjoy the work of local artists.

"Arts often need extra support to flourish, and I know dance is made out of passion and desire instead of financial gain," Lohrbach says.

In addition to fashion and dance, guests will enjoy cocktails, a silent auction and an after party.

"I think people should attend to support and see ARENA DANCES and the super designers' and boutiques' summer garments, but also for a fun night," Lohrbach says.


ARENA Bikini: Neon Glam
8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Friday, April 26
Calhoun Beach Club
2925 Dean Pkwy., Minneapolis

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Calhoun Beach Club

2925 Dean Parkway, Minneapolis, MN

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