Five shoes NOT to wear in the snow

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We hate to sound like someone's overprotective parents, but we've seen some pretty heinous footwear choices in this land of never-ending winter. Just because you're dreaming of spring's arrival doesn't mean you should ditch practicality. Wearing a T-shirt and shorts isn't going to make the weather warmer, though it will probably make you more miserable. The same goes for shoes. Here are a few pointers about what shoes to wait to bring out of the depths of your closet until it's safe to put those big, clunky winter boots away.

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Platform stilettos... sNOw way.
Nope! Between the snow, ice, slush, water, salt, and whatever else you find on the street, heels and (do we really have to say it?) platforms are a no-go. Seriously, ladies, sometimes fashion can come in flat-shoe form. Yes, even winter boots can be cute. (These boots are tres chic, non?) And if you're really worried your boots won't go over at that super classy cocktail party, then bring an extra pair of heels and stash your winter footwear somewhere once you arrive.


It was a dumb idea to wear these today.
Suede + water = NOOO. It doesn't matter if you've got a protectant coat on your fab suede shoes -- even if they're "winter" boots -- the universe does not like it when the ultra-soft leather and any kind of liquid mix and mingle. What will happen? Your shoes will suddenly become the color of that sludge lining the streets after a traffic jam. Oh, you've got dark suede? You're still not in the clear. Get those puppies sloshing through the wintry sidewalks, and you'll have salt stains up your ankles by the time your shoes dry.

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Your link to Chanel's page does not work. Why did this need 2 pages? There are maybe 5 items on this list. Also, if you really are advocating for socks? Seriously find one pair that actually fits and stays on my foot. Maybe this list should have been 5 reasons to consider leaving this state.


Sandals (NO socks) 365. No frostbite. No worries.

Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien

These shoes would not stop a Russian woman. I've seen them expertly navigate ice and snow in Siberia in similar footwear. It was amazing to witness!


Also, a quick google of Chanel winter boots left me with an answer to are there cute winter boots: No. I have a lined pair of heeled boots that work great for winter, but there's no way in hell I would wear any of those options with my $200 work dress and jacket, but if I wore winter boots like that to a client meeting, I'd get laughed off the job.

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