Man on the Street: "Invest in classic items. What was fashionable when I was born can be worn today."

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht
(Editor's note: Man on the Street is a new series by Ward Rubrecht. Each month, he'll be snapping pics and chatting with a variety of fashionable dudes who have their own style.)

Name: John Bergman
Age: 66

Occupation: I'm retired, and enjoying it immensely. It's very freeing not having to stick to a corporate dress code anymore.

Man on the Street: "You don't want to read Kant while wearing Aeropostale"

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What are the pieces of your outfit?

The hat from Go Vintage, the tie was a gift from my mother, the Dormeuil jacket is from Goodwill, my shirt and pants are from Neiman Marcus, my scarf and shoes are from Holland and Holland, the lapel pins are from various second-hand stores, and my pocket square is actually a lady's handkerchief. I like them because they're more colorful, and they still have a woman's scent.

Do you have a man-fashion inspiration?

William Powell, especially his style in the Thin Man films. I'm fascinated with the era. I love the styles of the 1920s to about the mid-1950s. That's what I collect.

What are your favorite shops in town?

Blacklist Vintage, Go Vintage, Via's Vintage, and Heimie's Haberdashery.

What's your biggest men's fashion pet peeve?

I don't care for men's fashion now. The jackets are too small, and the pants are too short.

What's your favorite new thing in men's fashion?

When I was in Japan, I saw a fashion magazine called Men's Precious. I liked what they were doing.

Any recent acquisitions you're excited about?

I love overcoats. Recently I was in Blacklist Vintage and picked up two wonderful overcoats, one of which I wore here tonight.

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht
Advice for fashion beginners?

Select a look you like and go for it. Invest in classic items. What was fashionable when I was born can be worn today.

And don't be afraid to take risks. Try new combinations from your closet that you've never put together before.

If you're patient; you don't have to spend a lot of money. Familiarize yourself with brands, so when you spot it in the store you know you've got a deal. A Calvin Klein jacket may be marked with a premium price, while you can buy a handmade Italian jacket for $6 because the brand isn't as well known.

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