Man on the Street: "Style is an extension of one's spiritual well-being."

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All photos by Ward Rubrecht
(Editor's note: Man on the Street is a new series by Ward Rubrecht. Each month, he'll be snapping pics and chatting with a variety of dudes who have their own unique style.)

Name: Jaira Donery

Age: 23

Occupation: Musician, dancer, visual artist, healing artist

Man on the Street: "You don't want to read Kant while wearing Aeropostale"

Man on the Street: "Invest in classic items. What was fashionable when I was born can be worn today."

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht
What are the pieces of your outfit?

The pants were handmade by a friend, the jacket and Air Jordan hiking boots were "freeganed," and the vest and sweater were gifts.

Describe your look:

I don't try to look a certain way. Style is an extension of one's spiritual well-being. I'm drawn to patterns, color, and personality in my items.

Do you have any advice for fellows just starting out on their fashion journey?

Dress in a way that resonates with you. It's not about "dressing cool." If you feel good, you'll exude that.

Whose fashion do you find inspirational?

Yamantaka Eye of [Japanese noise-rock band] Boredoms. He's a creative/experimental guy, and embodies his art. I enjoy people who do that.

Do you have any favorite trends in contemporary fashion?

Handmade stuff. I'm digging on people making their own clothing.

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Photo by Ward Rubrecht

Do you have any pet peeves in men's fashion?

No, I try not to get attached to things like that.

Do you have any recent acquisitions you're excited about?

I got these pants last month from a friend who handmade them.

Do you have any favorite local shops?

All of my clothes are gifted, found, or made by hand.

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