MCAD illustration students create pieces for City Pages

Categories: Art

Hannah Culbert

Presented here are illustrations from a joint venture between City Pages and Carie Hartman's spring 2013 illustration class at MCAD. Check them out below, and click to see a higher resolution version of each.

The assignment:

1. Create 4-5 characters

2. Place them in a scene on an upbeat, Twin Cities-related theme such as a season or annual event.

3. Create work at about 18" wide x 6" tall

Amanda Ritchie • Bike Season

Hannah Culbert • Landscape Arboretum

Kelsey King • Autumn

Rachael Balsaitis • At the Light Rail Station

Eddie Perrote • On the Riverfront

Jared Tuttle • Fall Fantasy

Jason Belden • Through the Seasons

Brittany Egli • Powderhorn Art Fair

Josh Brink • First Avenue

Kayla McMullen • The Farmers' Market

Jessica Chang • The Lakes

Jennifer Bowman • Winter Time

Patrick Burke • Zombie Pub Crawl

Emily Draeger • Basilica Block Party

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