Your guide to Envision: Artopia, Spring 2013

Michael Haug
Everyone in the Twin Cities fashion community knows that Envision: Artopia is one of the year's biggest style events. From the runway to the crowd, scoping out the chic is mandatory -- and ridiculously fun. This year, Envision: Artopia celebrates its 12th season with a dozen designers. That's a lot of runway action to keep track of, so we've made it easy for you. Here's the lowdown on what you can expect to see on the runway this weekend.

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Counter Couture at 2012 Envision cr STACY SCHWARTZ.jpg
Photo by Stacy Schwartz
CounterCouture at 2012's Envision
CounterCouture Founded by Angie Arner in 2009, this design collective focuses on up-cycling pretty much any kind of clothing into a ready-to-wear wonder. Whether it's re-purposing old prom dresses or mixing some of last season's duds into something trendy, they're on the cutting edge (get it?) of sustainable fashion.

This upscale menswear boutique, found in the heart of Uptown, features looks from big names like Penguin, Ben Sherman, and Life After Denim. This is one of those stores you can hit up when you need a well-tailored look, and you can expect the same coming down the runway. (Read our recent profile on Atmosfere here.)

One of the hippest boutiques around town, Cliche has been a favorite at Envision for the last few years with their trendy-yet-classic looks. Featuring fashion-forward apparel and unique pieces of jewelry, the shop champions style originality while embracing time-tested wardrobe staples.

Khampasith Davison
While she is conscious of trendy design aesthetic, Davison's looks are classically beautiful. Her latest runway collection, seen during Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week at the U of M's Flux Fashion Show, features lots of sophisticated silhouettes and neutral hues.

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