Flaunt Accessories now has a fashion truck

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As folks who lunch in downtown know, food trucks have been all the rage for quite awhile now. But what happens when other businesses stick their store in a vehicle and hit the road? We'll be able to find out soon, as the Flaunt Truck will be roaming the streets this summer. It is one of two fashion trucks in the Twin Cities.

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The boutique on wheels is the brainchild of Melissa Hardin, owner of Flaunt Accessories. During the warmer months in Minnesota, she will be setting up shop at a handful of events and festivals, including Sundays at the Minneapolis Farmers' Market, she'll also be at Grand Old Day in St. Paul this coming Sunday.

The shop is set to carry items similar to what you would see at a Flaunt Accessories trunk show, with locally made jewelry, shoes, clothing, hats, and other fun things.

Much like the food trucks, fashion trucks are frequently moving about town. To find the Flaunt Truck, fans can follow the group on Twitter (@Flaunt_Truck) and Facebook.

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