Margaret Ruth Groening's obit provides insight into Simpsons creator's inspiration

Categories: Dearly Departed
Article snapped by an observant poster on Reddit
The exact location of The Simpsons' Springfield may never be known. However, taking a small glimpse into the life of creator Matt Groening's mother, Margaret Ruth, reveals bits and details of his life that may have worked their way into the series' mythology.

After a long -- and what sounds like a very happy -- life, Groening's mother passed away a few weeks ago at 94. Her obit, which ran in The Oregonian, contains hints at what may have inspired several Simpsons characters -- or at least their names.

The piece on the Chisolm, Minnesota, native's life is speckled with familiar names, including "Wiggum," "Patty," "Maggie," and "Lisa." Of her husband, Homer Groening, the article states that she chose to marry him because "he made her laugh the most."

You can read the piece below:


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