Minneapolis Tattoo has $50-$100 Star Wars tatts for May the 4th Be with You

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Artwork by Quyen Dinh
Which one will you choose? (Images via the event's Facebook page)
Listen up, nerds. Saturday is a big day.

In case you weren't aware, this Saturday is May 4. As in, "May the 'fourth' be with you." If you don't understand that last sentence, you should probably just stop reading now. This blog post ain't for you.

As for the rest of us, Saturday is a celebration of all things Star Wars. Each year, this delightful play on words gives super fans a reason to dress up and party like we're in a galaxy far, far away. The dudes over at Minneapolis Tattoo are getting in on the action.

Tomorrow, Jedi, rebels, and Ewoks alike can get inked up with some Star Wars-themed tattoos for just $50-$100 at Minneapolis Tattoo. But before you get Jar Jar Binks burned into your neck, we're helping you to understand what other people are going to think of your new fresh tatt. You're welcome...NERDS! (*takes hit off inhaler)

Darth Vader

Ah yes; the man in black (the bad one). If you get Vader tatted on you, you're probably thinking, "I'm super bad-ass, and kill bros with my mind!" But you're wrong. Dead wrong. (Unless you can actually kill bros with your mind, in which case bad tattoos aren't really our biggest concern.)

If you get DV inked on your bod, you probably have insecurity issues, and you're masking it by crushing others while also crushing hard on James Earl Jones. Our advice: Skip the tattoo, and go hug your kids instead. Or just go watch Field of Dreams, because J.E.J. CRUSHES that movie and you'll forget all about Star Wars.


This seems like a good idea on paper. He's cute, he's smart, and (to the best of our knowledge. Sup, Episode VII?) he's never murdered a bunch of kids for no reason. HOWEVER, you need to think long-term on this one. Yoda already has a ton of green wrinkles, which means the second your skin starts sagging or fading, you've already accelerated the process of looking like shit.

The tattoo itself says "I'm all about knowledge and kindness!" but the underlying message is, "I'm an asshole who doesn't think things through." Don't let Yoda down.

Han Solo

Now THIS we can get on board with. He's a rebel, he's a bad-ass, and he wears a vest. There is literally no qualities about Han Solo that should make you second guess this choice. Plus, if anyone ever gives you shit about being a Star Wars geek, you can just say that you've got Dr. Richard Kimble from The Fugitive tatted on your chest. Because no one can deny that's the hottest tattoo ever.

No matter what your intergalactic allegiance, this Saturday is a big day. May the fourth be with you.


May the 4th Be with You

Appointments start at noon, Saturday, May 4
Minneapolis Tattoo
Tattoos will cost you $50-$100
More details here

Other May the 4th Be with you parties:

Location: Red Balloon Bookshop, 891 Grand Ave., St. Paul

What: Bring the kids for a day of costume contests, games, activities, and other family-friendly fun. Things start up around 2 p.m.

Location: Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, 1975 Oakcrest Ave., St. Paul

What: This three-day festival includes a guest appearance from Troy Denning (author of several Star Wars novels), seminars and talks, contests, and sessions where fans can learn to play various Star Wars games. Admission is $25. More info here. 5 p.m. to midnight Friday, 10 a.m. to midnight Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.

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Hey, CityPages...how about you credit the artist who drew this flash? Posting an image like this on a story is misleading. It implies that the artists of MPLS tattoo drew the flash. The artist is actually Quyen Dinh of http://www.etsy.com/shop/ParlorTattooPrints

Thomas Zocher
Thomas Zocher

Hey everyone, absolutely, positively make sure you do something unoriginal. Why think of something unique that will be, you know, on you forever, when you can just go out and get the same cookie cutter shit everyone else got? Go mediocrity! Woooooo Hoooo!

Hans Dykema
Hans Dykema

Here you go, Chad Germann! I know you have been toying with the idea for years.


@missupsetter Thanks for letting us know where the artwork came from. I've added a link and credit, and clarified that we got the tattoo suggestions pictured from the event's FB page.


@Thomas Zocher Traditional sailor tattoos are far more cookie cutter than getting a Starwars tattoo.  Sorry Thomas but as far as tattoo trends go, Starwars has never really been one.


@Thomas Zocher 

What cutting edge ink do YOU sport?

Wait, let me guess: 
you have a nice "tribal" tattoo or a Chinese character that says "Kung Pao Beef," right?



@JessicaArmbrusterDressingRoomEditor @missupsetter Awesome, thanks for fixing it! I checked their facebook and they have that on their banner, which is a bit misleading. For example, when Leviticus did their "sailor jerry birthday" event (which is similar to this), they stated all the designs were Sailor jerry, so it was kind of known it wasn't THEIR original designs. Sorry if my original post sounded condescending, I often have various places yank my artwork and post it and credit it to others. I now know it really wasn't your fault, considering that the shop had posted artwork that wasn't theirs. 


@missupsetter @JessicaArmbrusterDressingRoomEditor MPLS purchased the flash (which is art designed  specifically for being tattooed) directly from the artist via etsy.  In which case the artist waves all rights of reproduction and image posting by selling his work as tattoo flash to the public.  Stealing art is never cool.   

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