Toil & Trouble's Heroes and Villains: Win VIP tickets!

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This weekend, many of us will be grilling outdoors, drinking beer, and sitting by a lake. The ladies of Toil & Trouble, however, will be fighting an epic battle of good versus evil. For their special Memorial Day show, the troupe will be taking on a heroes and villains theme. The evening will feature burlesque, boylesque, pasties, merkins, and, most likely, a few superhero capes.

Looking for something to do between those patio parties? This could be your ticket. Dressing Room has a pair of VIP passes. Here's how to enter to win:

Step 1:

If you haven't already, "Like" us on Facebook (just click the button below).

Step 2:

Tweet "Gimme tickets!!" or something similar at us.
In order to be eligible to win you must complete both steps. We'll be drawing the winner Thursday afternoon.


Toil & Trouble presents: Heroes and Villains
Mounds Theatre
1029 Hudson Rd., St. Paul

7 and 10 p.m. Saturday, May 25
; $30/$35 VIP

Location Info


Mounds Theatre

1029 Hudson Rd., St. Paul, MN

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Mona Montague
Mona Montague

mmm Toil & Trouble Presents: Heroes and Villains!

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