Ellie Hottinger: "The collection I created for Voltage uses a lot of upholstery textiles, because I love texture and sophistication they offer."

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After taking a year off, Voltage, one of MNFashion's biggest fashion shows, is back  for a night of local fashion and music at First Avenue. The event features 16 clothing and accessory designers and four bands, and provides a unique blend of local talents.

"We're coming off our most successful fashion week to date, and are excited to keep the momentum going by bringing back an event that has had significant support from the local fashion and music communities," says Amy Overman, executive director of MNFashion, in a press release. "Voltage has played a special role in MNFashion's history and growth as an organization and we're looking forward to reinstating it as an annual production."

City Pages caught up with St. Paul native Ellie Hottinger, who graduated from the University of Minnesota College and Design this spring and will be showing a collection at Voltage.
"I love wearing clothes as much as I love making them," Hottinger says. "When designing, I always try to create things that bring a new sense of inspiration to the daily task of getting ready in the morning."

While she may be a recent graduate, Hottinger has already has big-time experience. She interned last summer at fashion label Alice + Olivia in New York, and is heading back to NYC this summer.

While she's still in Minnesota, Voltage sounded like the perfect opportunity for Hottinger.
"After completing my senior thesis, I was itching to work on something new," Hottinger says. "I wanted to present a different side of my aesthetic, and give people a chance to get to know my clothes a bit more."

Hottinger's garments are typically romantic and feminine.

"My aesthetic is often about uncomplicated intrigue," she says. "I like clothes that allow for versatility and creative styling so that the garment itself is not limited to one 'personality.' I have a weakness for soft, romantic palettes, but I also relish the use of an unexpected color or a spontaneous print."

Voltage attendees will have a chance to see something different from Hottinger on the runway.

"The collection I created for Voltage uses a lot of upholstery textiles, because I love texture and sophistication they offer," Hottinger says. "Combined with a bit of 'mod inspiration,' I think the looks present themselves as both playful and polished."

Hottinger thinks that MNFashion is vital to our community, and hopes that people will come support local talent at Voltage.

"MNFashion is important because it shines the light on talent that is happening locally, which can often be overshadowed by the greater part of the industry," Hottinger says. "Voltage has something for everyone: music, fashion, and, if nothing else, a good excuse to go out on a Saturday night."

In addition to Hottinger, designers CounterCouture, Idle Child, Lindsey Hopkins, deLange Designs, Punkktual, Blasphemina's Closet, and Danielle Everine will show collections at Voltage. Accessory designers include Objects & Subjects, Vikse Designs, Artist Built, Larissa Loden, Made by Liz P., Karen Morris Milliner, Engels by Design, and Aprilierre. Featured bands are Bomba de Luz, Sean Anonymous and Dreamcrusher, Aby Wolf: Wolf Lords and the Chalice.


7 p.m. Saturday, June 8
First Avenue
701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

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First Avenue

701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN

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