Minnesota loves crowdfunding: Top 10 current Kickstarters

Spark Devices
The Spark Core, a successful Minnesota Kickstarter tech project
Minnesota loves technology, so says a recent study out of the University of Toronto. According to the research, our state is the third-highest financier of tech-related Kickstarter projects in the nation, bested only by the givens: New York and California.

In a paper published earlier this month, titled "Economics of Crowdfunding," management students Ajay Agrawal, Christian Catalini, and Avi Goldfarb explored the "simple economics of crowdfunding" in the U.S. The research project heavily focused on Kickstarter, the company who took crowdfunding to the internet.

The  essay explores the genre preferences of Kickstarter users around the U.S. through a topic-by-topic breakdown. When it comes to technology, Minnesota is the unexpected heavyweight.

But don't be too surprised; Minnesota seems to actively support tech-related projects on a regular basis. Just last week, two Minnesota-based Kickstarter projects were successful in their crowdfunding campaigns. The Spark Core, by Minneapolis company Spark Devices, and the Transit App for the Twin Cities by Eric James have joined the ranks of triumphant Minnesota Kickstarters.

The following are 10 other great projects.

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The Mississippi Food Project

This project, by Andrew Schaust and Erin Ahlstrom, will feature a video cookbook traveling the length of the Mississippi River while investigating the "culinary essence" of place.

Thumbnail image for lanternoftruth.JPG
The Lantern of Truth by Verona

This project will culminate in a 300-page book filled with short stories and artwork from a group of inspired local teenagers with a passion for writing.

Cultural Identity Mural Project by Greta McLain

The youth and residents of Central neighborhood will create a monumental mural on Green Central school depicting a unique and personal blend of cultural identities.

Zaiynah's Grandma Mobile Pastry by Lisa Leigh

A local grandmother is making vegan, gluten free, and classic pastries from local ingredients. Should this Kickstarter succeed, she will share them with others using a new food truck.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, a Parking Lot Production by Rachel Brady

Young adults with a passion for acting will produce a live-action and puppet hybrid performance of this classic Shakespeare play in a local parking lot.

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