48 Hours Project: Car-free in the Twin Cities

Yes, you will be using Nice Ride MN with this itinerary
For the third installment of our 48 Hours series, we came up with a plan emphasizing multi-modal transportation. Meaning, bikes, buses, and trains -- but no cars; don't wimp out and cab it! There will also be stops featuring unique food and local businesses along the way.

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5:30 p.m. Once you've landed at MSP, loiter near the Larry Craig Memorial Bathroom (Concourse G, Gate C11) to honor the WC where former Senator Craig used the toe-tap method to solicit sex, ending his political career. Whoops. A photo here makes for a great souvenir.

5:45 p.m. Next, scamper to the light rail -- a fast, quiet train from Bloomington to Minneapolis. Stick your earbuds in and enjoy the ride.

6:30 p.m. Check into Le Méridien Chambers on Hennepin Avenue, downtown's most hectic thoroughfare. Chambers is the United States' first luxury art hotel, with 200 works of art from the private collection of hotel owner Ralph Burnet on display. Chambers also sits in the center of downtown's entertainment district, littered with theaters, bars, clubs, upscale restaurants, and three-sheets-to-the-wind revelers.

Tiger Girl
8 p.m. Once you've soaked in downtown, stroll to Bombay Bistro on Ninth and Marquette, a family-owned Indian restaurant whose dishes define delicious. From aaloo mater to tikka masala and [insert your meat of choice here] vindaloo, they have it all. The food is (if you wish it) so spicy it'll make your nose weep, and the naan is to die for.

9 p.m. Walk to First Avenue, Minneapolis's world-famous, beautifully grungy music venue, and see whoever is on the marquee. Somebody awesome plays here every weekend, and tickets range from $15 to $35. Once a Greyhound Bus Station, First Ave is reportedly brim-filled with ghosts. (Ask someone in a black and white T-shirt about the bathroom ghost, who hanged herself in a stall decades ago.)

11:30 p.m. Not tired? Belly filled with Red Bull and Jägermeister? Hit the North Loop (another easy traipse away) for dancing at Jetset, a gay bar on First Street that's always bumping as the clock nears midnight.

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