"I Bike for Shaina" releases merch to support injured cyclist

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courtesy David Briscoe
Shaina's supporters have raised more than $12,000 sincer her bike accident on July 13.
On the afternoon of July 13, Shaina Briscoe was riding in an alley-cat bike race downtown when she collided with a car. She was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center, where doctors diagnosed a traumatic brain injury and a broken jaw.

But before she made it to the hospital, dozens of cyclists gathered around her at the Hennepin and Washington intersection, offering whatever help they could. In the nearly two weeks since the crash, that same cycling community has turned out to support Briscoe's recovery.

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On July 18, about 100 friends gathered at Gold Medal Park downtown, and rode their bikes down to the MIA, where they made spoke cards in Briscoe's honor, and then over to HCMC. On Sunday, a group of friends, family, and bike mechanics built a new bike for Briscoe -- a yellow-framed beauty -- from donated parts.

And now, Briscoe's supporters have created a "Shaina Store," selling men's and women's t-shirts and tank tops, buttons, and spoke cards, all to raise funds for Briscoe's recovery.

The shirts, which are going for $15,  come in heather grey and a turquoise green, and are stamped with "I Bike for Shaina."
via I Bike for Shaina
Options from the Shaina store include the "Lady Tank," right, and the "Dude T-shirt."
Proceeds from the store will get added to an already-substantial fund. After the accident, Briscoe's friends and family created a Give Forward fundraising page with a goal of $7,500. When they passed that mark in 26 hours, they set a second goal of $10,000.

Now, Briscoe's supporters have put more than $12,000 toward, as the page's description explains, "medical expenses and the unknown and a BIG 'OL RECOVERY PARTY."

Even more important than that generosity, though, is the fact that Briscoe is improving. She made it through a four-hour jaw surgery, she's breathing on her own, and while she still hasn't opened her eyes, that's to be expected.

She's stabilized enough to leave the ICU at HCMC. This morning, according to updates from her father, David Briscoe, on her CaringBridge page, she is getting moved to Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul for long-term care.

"The ICU has told us: 'Shaina is,'" David wrote. "Bethesda will tell us: 'Who Shaina will be.'"

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