Mike Burrill of "Skate Related": '[The Twin Cities has] a tight-knit scene with a lot of creative people'

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David Dresbach
If you're into skateboarding, art, and free beer, then you'll be happy to learn that "Skate Related," the exhibit showcasing artwork by skateboarders about skateboarding, is back in Minneapolis this Friday at CO Exhibitions art gallery in northeast Minneapolis.

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Luke Hunt
Creator Mike Burrill started the annual event back in 2010 after seeing others doing similar things. While the second year of "Skate Related" proved successful, Burrill ended up taking a job in New York in 2012. This year, he's flying back to Minneapolis to get the showcase going again, and to celebrate the strong skating community we have here.

"It's a tight-knit scene with a lot of creative people," says Burrill, but that's not the only thing he believes makes it so special.

Burrill, who has skated on the East Coast, West Coast, and even in parts of Europe, believes our skating scene is particularly remarkable when it comes to support and cohesiveness, or what he calls the "skateboarding version of Minnesota Nice."

"There's this thing where in other places people are a little more competitive, or a little more stand-offish. But in Minneapolis, the scene here is a little more accepting," says Burrill. "People here could be more 'too-cool-for-school,' but they're not."

It's the meshing of that cohesiveness with our large and creative skating scene that this event is celebrating.

The party this year has garnered a handful of sponsors, including Familia Skateshop, who opened a second store and indoor skate-park on East Hennepin last year; Bolts, a skateboard hardware company from Portland; and Pabst Blue Ribbon (who we can only assume is providing the free beer).

If you go, bring money, as there will be screen prints and photos for sale from local artists like Luke Hunt, Joe Garvey, Jason Katz, Matthew Jenkins, Matt Parker, Jordan Walczak, Mr. HBAK, and more. But even if you're broke, you can still go and enjoy the artwork, including local skating videos that will be on display, and free beer.


"Skate Related Minneapolis 2013"
6-11 p.m. Friday, July 26
CO exhibitions
1101 Stinson Blvd. NE, Minneapolis

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CO Exhibitions

1101 Stinson Blvd. NE, Minneapolis, MN

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