Chris Kluwe, David Cross, Margaret Cho top Wits' fall season

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As fall is fast approaching, the folks at MPR have put together another fabulous season of Wits. Returning this year will be Paul F. Tompkins and Aimee Mann, while folks like David Cross, Aisha Tyler, Chris Kluwe, and Yo La Tengo will be appearing on the show for the first time.

New this year will be the Wits Social Club, where super fans of the series can purchase membership the allows them to buy tickets early at a discount.

See the complete list for the 2013 season below.

Thursday, October 17

Chris Kluwe, Dave Hill and musical guest, Sara Watkins

Thursday, October 24

Paul F. Tompkins and musical guest, Yo La Tengo

Friday, October 25

Paul F. Tompkins and musical guest, Rhett Miller

Friday, November 1

Aisha Tyler and musical guest, Loudon Wainwright III

Thursday, November 7

Ellie Kemper and musical guest, Waxahatchee

Thursday, November 14

Margaret Cho and musical guest, Josh Ritter

Thursday, November 21

Jim Gaffigan and musical guest, Busdriver

Thursday, December 5

Tim Heidecker and musical guests, Aimee Mann and Ted Leo (solo)

Friday, December 13

David Cross and musical guest, Har Mar Superstar

Friday, December 20

Maria Bamford and musical guest, Thao Nguyen

Tickets go on sale September 17.

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Fitzgerald Theater

10 E. Exchange St., St. Paul, MN

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When critics on City Pages "get tough" by taking down a four-person independent theater production with a scathing review, why is it that Wits, with all its star power and big name guests, gets a free pass?  It doesn't make sense.  Why would you annihilate the rebels, so to speak, and give a bunch of free pub to a radio program that people are already going to stumble onto when they forget what night Garrison Keillor is on?  Oh, that's right, the Fitzgerald and APM/MPR need another hit. I hate to say it, but it's not going to happen.  


I haven't found anyone on the web who has stepped up and actually told the truth about this program: it isn't simply that the entertainment value of the radio broadcast "just isn't quite there yet", it's that it is flat out bad, period.  Its popularity baffles me.  Listen to it next to something like Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and it's pretty obvious that the amount of hype this program gets is homer-ism at its worst.  It's not funny, it tries way too hard to be cute and quirky and it fails in its attempt to pass off mere verbosity as wit, reminding me of an erudite but insufferable pop culture cool kid at a party.  And that kid is wasted and freaking boring and everyone is secretly cringing behind his back at every surreal non-sequitur he utters.  The guests are obviously very Current and I suppose it has a built in audience that way, but I don't get it.  Gotta be canned laughter.    

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

It'll be a race to get those 10/24 tickets.


David Cross + Har Mar! It's going to be a great December...

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