Five types of feline-frenzied fans seen at Cat Vid Fest

Cat lovers at the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival
Feline fanciers were out in droves for the second-annual Internet Cat Video Festival at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand. The precedent carried on from last year's festival on the Walker lawn, which brought out tons of furry friends -- both cats and humans alike -- who got into the spirit of the event. This year, cat lovers let their feline flags fly at the fair with tons of variations on cool cat fashion, from casual cat T-shirts to extre(meow) fandom.

Here are a few types of feline fashion seen at Cat Vid Fest this year.

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5. Masked Cat Crusader
Forget the Caped Crusader, Catwoman is where it's at. Lots of people took a cue from the feline villain with kitten-inspired masks popping up around the festival.

4. Mavens of Meow
Cutesy hints of feline frenzy mixed with street style were all around the fair last night, with simple noses and whiskers drawn on plenty of faces and cat clothing galore.

3. Full-on Feline Fashion Followers
It might've been pretty warm last night, but that didn't stop these dudes from donning cat-inspired onesies. Fun fact: the guy on the right, Chris Torres, created Nyan Cat.

2. Casual Cats
Lots of festivalgoers chose to take a more casual approach to the evening, with subtle nods to felines printed on shirts, skirts, and shorts.

1. Painted Puss
What better way to get into the meowing mood than by becoming one with your favorite cat celebrity? Wherever you looked, there were plenty of expertly painted faces to remind you that at this festival, cats are king.

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