Minneapolis Institute of Arts announces 2013-2014 exhibition schedule

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The Minneapolis Institute of Arts recently released its 2013-14 schedule. As is to be expected, the museum will be offering a wide variety of exhibitions, both from traveling organizations as well as curated shows from the permanent collection. Highlights include the grand reopening of the African Art Galleries, a 4,800-square-foot space that will feature works from 2500 B.C. to the present day; a show boasting 80 works spanning 60 years by iconic artist Matisse will be visiting from the Baltimore Museum of Art; and an an exhibition of pieces from artists in Liberia and Sierra Leone will also be showcased.

You can check out the entire list after the jump.

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  • "Sacred"
September 2013-June 2014
Exhibition examines the meaning of the term sacred within secular, multi-faith societies.

  • "The Audacious Eye: Japanese Art from the Clark Collections"
October 6, 2013-January 12, 2014

Featuring over 100 masterpieces from the 1,700 Japanese artworks from the MIA's expanded collection of Japanese art.

  • "31 Years: Gifts from Martin Weinstein"
October 26, 2013-September 14, 2014

Works on display include more than 500 photographs given to the museum, starting in the 1970s.

  • "Envisioning Japan: Shinhanga from the Ellen & Fred Wells Collection"
November 3, 2013-February 23, 2014

Exhibit showcases around 75 woodblock prints.

  • Grand Opening of Redesigned African Art Galleries
Opening November 10, 2013

  • "Restoring a Masterwork III: Max Beckmann's Blind Man's Buff"
November 18, 2013-March 1, 2014

Watch experts restore/conserve Max Beckmann's Blind Man's Buff triptych, a process that is generally not done in public.

  • "Matisse: Masterworks from the Baltimore Museum of Art"
February 23-May 18, 2014

This traveling exhibit will feature approximately 80 works, including paintings, sculptures, and works on paper spanning 60 years.

  • "The Look of Love: Eye Miniatures from the Skier Collection"
May 17-August 24, 2014

This weird/intriguing show examines "lover's eyes," hand-painted miniatures of human eyes set in jewelry that were presented as tokens of affection or remembrance.

  • "Finland: Designed Environments"
June 1-August 30, 2014

Check out examples of Finnish design over the last 15 years.

  • "Master Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts" (working title)
July 13-September 21, 2014

Examine over 100 drawings from the museum's collection of over 2,000 drawings, watercolors, and pastels.

  • "The Hours of Night and Day: A Newly Discovered Cycle of Bronze Reliefs by Giovanni Casini and Pietro Cipriani"
September 13, 2014-April 12, 2015

Featuring six bronze reliefs.

  • "Visions from the Forests: The Art of Liberia and Sierra Leone"
September 20, 2014-January 18, 2015

Featuring 75 works by artists from Liberia and Sierra Leone. 

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