The Nu Project launches Beauty in Every Body, celebrates with a book release party [NSFW]

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Matt Blum
When we wrote about Matt Blum's nude photography initiative, the Nu Project, back in March, Blum and his wife, Katy Kessler, had just finished their first Kickstarter campaign: a push to fund the book plan that had been simmering on their back burner for years.

They had vaulted over their $30,000 fundraising goal by $18,000, and hoped to have the book ready by October. Instead, they came in ahead of schedule. Now, The Nu Project: Beauty in Every Body is officially shipping, and Blum and Kessler used the extra donations to make it look sharp.

"We're really proud of it," says Blum. "We did it with more hands-on stuff, and it looks a bit different than some of the other books out there."

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The final product weighs in at 154 pages, about 50 percent longer than originally planned. Some of those pages feature quotes from Blum's "un-models" about their experiences with and reactions to the project, but most of them are given over to Blum's images: his photos of women of all ages and shapes, comfortably naked in their homes.
Matt Blum
Blum and Kessler used high-quality paper and a printing technique that makes the images look much like actual photos. The result of their effort has been a happy surprise. Many of the people they've heard from call to say they didn't realize that the book itself was going to be an art object.

"I think the age of getting stuff printed for real is dwindling," Blum says. "The consensus seems to be that people did not realize this was going to be a real book."
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Matt Blum
Now that the book is out in the world, Blum and Kessler can exhale and enjoy the response. But the process of getting there -- of juggling orders and addressing boxes -- was a sharp change from their normal pace of working closely with 50 clients a year.

"We went from 'You want a 5-by-7, I will print that by myself and drop it off at your house when I am in the area,' to, 'Okay, we got 14 orders over the weekend, and who's going to coordinate all this stuff and box it up?'" Blum explains. "It was an adventure for sure."

To celebrate the book release, Blum and Kessler are throwing a party this Thursday at their studio in the Warehouse District. They'll have books and prints for sale, a photobooth that will make everyone "look good and funky," and of course drinks and snacks.
Matt Blum
Inside the book.
After the celebrating, they'll return to figuring out how their passion project fits in with their full-time photography work and the rest of their lives. Since March, Blum has done a few shoots for the project locally, but hopes to find partners and publications who will help support travel that will allow him to shoot a wider spectrum of women. He's currently looking at a European trip to Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

"We've got a baby at home and we have client works that pays the bills," Blum explains."We really want to balance these shoots, and we're trying to figure out a way to do it."


Nu Project Book Launch
Thursday, August 22, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
700 Washington Ave. N #214, Minneapolis
RSVP and more details

Matt Blum

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