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Who wants to listen to a podcast made in Los Angeles or New York City? We're all about local in Minnesota, and these five podcasts are the finest locally sourced digital audio recordings of funny people talking the Twin Cities has to offer.

Kathleen Edwards and Tig Notaro on a recent installment of Wits

Wits is hands down the comedy show with the most buzz among public radio fans right now. Sure, you could see it live at the Fitzgerald Theater, but nabbing tickets to shows before they sell out can be tough. That's why the podcast is so great. The smartest comedians (Amy Sedaris, Maria Bamford, Hannibal Buress, Patton Oswalt) and coolest musicians (They Might Be Giants, Rufus Wainwright, Reggie Watts, Aimee Mann) are corralled by host John Moe. What more can you ask for?

Funny bit to get you hooked: Watch Reggie Watts doing the theme to fictional television show Mummy Town below.

Mustache Rangers

The Mustache Rangers is a Golden Age radio play mashed with an improv weirdness fiesta. The Rangers, Commander Major Alastair Q. Bastidious (Corey Anderson) and First Lieutenant Rutuger G. Phooneybaum (Aric McKeown), who are officers on an old timey rocket ship, spend 8 to 10 minutes talking about... you know Seinfeld? Well, it's not exactly like that, but it's still about nothing. A weird, meticulously spoken nothing. This is the kind of improv that can make one angry, though, because none of us can write this well, while Bastidious and Phooneybaum are just opening their mouths and making everyone laugh at a faster pace than most comics you'll see at Acme.

Funny bit to get you hooked:
"I think people who are dumb say they don't test well... except for me, because I didn't test well."

Thumbnail image for RemakersMarkLogo3-3-300x300.jpg
Remaker's Mark

Did you hear they're remaking that one classic movie? You did? You probably had some opinions about that, and you probably tried to sit your three friends down for a Skype call to tell them about it for an hour, and then have them tell you their thoughts. No? You didn't do that? Well, then you're not the Re-Maker's Mark podcast, which so far has recast such untouchable classics as Clue, Star Wars: A New Hope, and The Breakfast Club. The comedy comes from the easy chemistry between this group of friends, who are silly, nerdy, and troublingly well researched.

Funny bit to get you hooked: "In the '80s, people must have been more accepting of being locked in strange rooms by suspicious people."

Waiting for the Pizza (discontinued)

Local comedians talking to local comedians. This pitch should be enough for anyone. These comics are great storytellers, and when you get them together it makes for a solid 30 minutes of roundtable hilarity. So what if it stopped coming out with new installments a year ago? There are literally 117 episodes of Minneapolis comedians talking to each other in funny ways about riciculous stuff. Yes, the episodes end with a doorbell, and no, you don't actually eat any pizza.

Funny bit to get you hooked:
Brandi Brown talking about her drunk grandma.


Joseph Scrimshaw may be the hardest working funny person in the Twin Cities. In his podcast, which he records at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, he talks to local creative types about the thing they're most obsessed about, such as sex, King Arthur, or television jingles. The show runs about 45 minutes, and always ends with Scrimshaw asking his guest: What is happiness? The audacity of the question, and subsequent reaction, is usually funnier than any answer the guest could give, but that says more about the question than the guests. This show also wins the award for having the cleverest theme song.

Funny bit to get you hooked: Kevin Murphy singing jingles in the style of Tom Waits.

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