Top Shop is coming to the Mall of America this fall

That hat, those shorts. They could soon be yours.
Britophile fashionistas rejoice: Top Shop is coming to Minnesota. While plans to bring Nordstrom to Ridgedale Center continue at a glacial pace, the Mall of America location will be making a big change by adding the popular British company to its department store this fall.

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The move is part of a plan to bring Top Shop to 28 Nordstroms throughout the U.S. The chain already has flagship stores in Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Although it's unclear as to when Top Shop will be opening within Mall of America's Nordstrom, it looks like the move will happen by the end of November.

Top Shop is a U.K. brand that sells affordable fashion items for women (think H&M, Delia's, or Forever 21).

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Mall of America

60 E. Broadway, Bloomington, MN

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DavidFoureyes topcommenter

British Gap. Great.

Let me know when we get a Uniqlo. It's the Cadillac of cheap crap not designed in the US. 

Ellie Langlas
Ellie Langlas

I knew you'd love this! Let's go shop and pretend we're in Europe again!

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