Bike Smut 7: All aboard the Porny Express

(Editor's note: This event will not be taking place at Bedlam Community Center as previously reported. It is now set to happen at Ground Zero.)

This Friday, Bike Smut returns to Minneapolis with its seventh selection of erotic short films created by cyclists from around the world. This chapter, called the Porny Express, continues to connect the freeing nature of human-powered transportation with DIY pornography.

To protect the privacy of the filmmakers, Bike Smut is not available for download or DVD purchase. The only way to see it is at Bedlam Community Design Center as part of a live audience. The 13 selected films hail from across the globe, featuring works by filmmakers from Oakland, Vancouver, Chicago, Gainesville, Montreal, Berlin, Milan, and Geneva.

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Jonathan Maus of BikePortland
Reverend Phil is ready to ride to Minneapolis
Like John Waters and Kathy Griffin before him, Reverend Phil, the founder of Bike Smut, was ordained as a minister for free (via snail mail). As an evangelist for better sex and better transportation, he is couriering the collection himself, mostly by bicycle. After flying into Minneapolis, he is planning on taking a solo bike trip to Montreal, down South, and then back West.

"If there's anything cars are good for, it's going on an extended tour traveling with film and a bunch of handmade underwear for sale," says Rev. Phil, who has been curating Bike Smut since 2007.

Still, he's happier traveling by bike. He hopes that others will see how doable his expedition is, and perhaps even decide to join him. The ride will also give him time to think. Reverend Phil isn't completely sure if Bike Smut will continue as it has, and he wonders if this might even be its final year. "It's a sojourn for a vision quest," he says.

Reverend Phil was inspired to create Bike Smut due to the staleness he saw in mainstream porn. It's made by a relatively small group of people, and "they're often not doing anything that transgressive or even that interesting. Only the same stuff -- and so much of it," he says.
Reverend Phil
Bike dance team Les Velobici in Bristol

It's all part of the same torrent of lame sex.

"It's not very enriching, and I don't think it's the kind of thing that makes you feel really proud of yourself after you've watched it," he says.

The Porny Express collection includes a unique and diverse set of sexy folks, including queer ecosexuals getting dirty in a Florida swamp and glamorous Italian models giving instructions on saddle adjustments. Reverend Phil is especially looking forward to screening "Bike Barber," a transgressive film from Chicago that he hopes will provoke interesting discussion.

"Sexuality is pretty awesome, pretty great. We should respect it, and we should acknowledge it, and we should appreciate it. We can do those things when we actually start having mature responses to these ideas," he says.


Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express in Minneapolis
9 p.m. Friday, September 13
Ground Zero
$5-$10 suggested donation to keep the Express rolling

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Ground Zero

15 4th St. NE, Minneapolis, MN

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