Meet John Neerland, our latest Styled by Sarah makeover winner

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Photo by Michael Dodes
John Neerland, before his style boost
Meet John Neerland. As the group creative director at Colle+McVoy, a loving husband, father to two little girls, and an extremely competitive softball player, he wears many hats on a day-to-day basis.

A hat he doesn't wear? Style maven. Fortunately, that's our job.

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Neerland's approach to fashion and style is practical and convenient. While he does enjoy getting dressed up for special occasions, his day-to-day look is fairly casual.

The first part of the transformation took place at Bespoke Hair Artisans. Bespoke has a talented staff with years of experience in men's hair and modern grooming techniques. They created a look that was a major transformation, but easy enough for John to style himself.

"My primary plan was to solidify the shape he already had. By making the sides and back shorter and putting in a taper, the haircut became more of a look on its own. The extra length on top gives him more options for styling," says Bespoke stylist Sada Olidia Estrada.  

After learning more about Neerland's work, social, and home life, we decided to create the perfect men's fall fashion look for him at MartinPatrick3. The shop is known for its collection of dapper menswear, and offers a wide variety of styles to accommodate for different perspectives.
Photo by Michael Dodes
Details and pops of color at polished touches to Neerland's new look
We created two different looks: One getup with a modern look and feel, and another with a more vintage and artistic flair. Pieces included a Ben Sherman blazer, a folk wool/cotton blend vest, and Well Bred boots.

Aside from the fact that MartinPatrick3 served Neerland fine whiskey while shopping, his favorite part of the experience was snapping selfies and sending them to his wife, who was very supportive of the whole effort.
Photo by Michael Dodes
After: Polished and ready to party

Stylists: Sarah Edwards
Photographer: Michael Dodes
Boutique: MartinPatrick 3
Salon: Bespoke Hair Artisans

Haircut & Stylist: Sada Olidia Estrada

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