Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week: The Shows, September 2013

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Erik Hess
This week, as part of the fall 2013 edition of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week, MNfashion hosted another installment of the Shows, a runway event featuring collections from incredible designers over two nights. This season, eight local designers flaunted their looks on the L-shaped catwalk at Aria.

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The Shows: Night one

Erik Hess
Christopher Straub
If there were ever a fashion week hosted under the sea, then Christopher Straub's latest collection would be the epitome of underwater street wear. That's not to say that the designer embraced (often) ill-fitting scuba fabric this season. Quite the opposite, in fact. The former Project Runway contestant started off the Shows with a very ready-to-wear collection that combined sweats with tentacle prints, leggings, and beanies. More casual than his bear-filled February line, this one felt like a very wearable nod to the rising trend of comfortable, yet expertly-shaped street wear with a hint of a Spring Breakers vibe thrown in.

Erik Hess
Cocoon by Elizabeth Geisler took a very professional approach to the runway this year, showing off looks that could be worn straight off the catwalk and into the boardroom. The office-ready collection combined well-fitted silhouettes and muted colors while still maintaining a hint of runway sophistication. Some of her standout pieces included riffs on cropped pants with piping down the sides, and pencil skirts (and dresses) paired with lace tops and delicate knitwear.

Erik Hess
Lisa Hackwith
The phrase being thrown around after Lisa Hackwith's collection: "It's so very European!" One could easily imagine a young ingenue riding through the French countryside with all the scarves wrapped daintily around the models' heads and the loose yet well-shaped dresses. A couple of the most striking details included very carefully placed burn-marks on a dress, as well as the thin, crisscrossed straps holding up both blouses and dresses throughout the collection.

Erik Hess
Samantha Rei
The first evening of the Shows closed out with a whirlwind collection from Samantha Rei's new line, Cyclone Wasteland. Stepping away from Blasphemina's Closet, Rei has begun the process of reinventing herself as a designer. Her latest collection looked as though it would be at home on a breezy prairie, with fitted vests and floral rompers, as well as skirts and dresses adorned with poppies (which appeared to be a subtle nod to The Wizard of Oz). The line was augmented by beautifully wrought headpieces -- with feathers, flowers, and leatherwork -- along with John Fluevog boots.

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