New app forecasts space weather

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Pretty pics, updates, and solar images are the few of the things you'll find on Space Weather
Forget forecasts on snow accumulation, heat waves, and rain. What about meteorite showers, solar radiation, and auroras? Local independent developer Timothy Stewart has created an app for that.

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The app, appropriately titled Space Weather, gives updates on what has happened in near space the past 24 hours, what is happening now, and what will be happening in the near future. Through the program, folks can read updates from organizations like NASA, check out beautiful photography and videos, find the best evening to bust out the telescope, and even learn a bit about how the weather in space impacts the weather on Earth (answer: a lot). It's a perfect program for science nerds, stargazers, and doomsday paranoids.

Space Weather is currently available for $.99 (the price will go up mid-September) to download to folks who use Windows Phone and Windows 8. For more information, visit the program's official website,

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