Open Streets is coming to Richfield as part of Penn Fest

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Think summer festivals are over? Not so fast. This morning, it was announced that the car-free street party is coming to Richfield as part of the city's annual Penn Fest.

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Opens Streets will take over Richfield's main drag, Penn Avenue, on Sunday, September 15. During this time the street will be closed for cars and other motorized traffic, while open to pedestrians, cyclists, and folks on other types of travel via self-pedaled wheels.

As usual, the festival will bring a slew of open activities -- such as group yoga, family projects, performances, and deals from local businesses -- but it as part of Penn Fest, there will be even more to do. Throughout the day folks will be able to check out the flea market, watch BMX bike demos, listen to classic rock and other live music, and check out classic cars and street rods.

For more info on the upcoming event, visit


Open Streets Richfield
Noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, September 15
Penn Avenue in Richfield, from
63rd Street to 75th Street

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Did you mean the entire Penn Ave in Richfield? Isn't it being re-done from 66th to? 

If your going to have info, why don't you pretend you are reporters and tell the whole story? Also, since Richfield's 4th of July picnic had to be canceled due to gang violence, what has been done to make this event safe?


@sosmplsYep. The festival takes place on the entire drag of Penn Avenue in Richfield. But I added the cross streets to the post for clarity.

No word yet on if they're stepping up safety for the event, but it has specifically been the Fourth of July Carnival that has been an ongoing issue. Penn Fest doesn't appear to have ever had problems of that nature.

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