Twin Cities Horror Fest seeks revenge, has a Kickstarter

Some of the freaks, specters, and murderers hoping for a successful Kickstarter campaign
Last year, the inaugural Twin Cities Horror Festival entertained folks with two weekends filled with theater, dance, concerts, storytelling, recycled Halloween costumes, and more at the spooky (and possibly haunted) Southern Theater. This year, the horrific celebration is set to return to the venue on All Hallows Eve with over 30 performances, including shows from scene heavy hitters like Timothy Uren, Courtney McLean, Comedy Suitcase, Mike Fotis, and others. However, they needs a little help to get things going.

"Last year, we presented seven original horror-inspired works, and this year we were so excited we decided to do it again," says Nick Ryan of the Cold Heart.

This year, six productions are scheduled to hit the stage. Works include a murder mystery from Four Humors; "Tainted Love," a dance piece written by Courtney McLean that explores a variety of topics (masturbation, technology, love) with a tainted theme; and Comedy Suitcase's family-friendly Harty Boys will return with an ill-fated puzzle to solve concerning the Mall of America. 

The festival will kick off on Halloween, and features two weekends of macabre shenanigans. Friday, November 8 also boasts a Recycle Your Halloween Costume party.

So far, the Kickstarter campaign has reached about 61 percent of its $8,000 goal. With only four days to go, they've hit $4,917. Donations start at $1. Should the campaign be successful, tickets for the event will go on sale the evening of Friday, October 4.

You can make donations here. Be sure to check out the pretty great campaign video below:

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The Southern Theater

1420 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

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Thank you so much for posting about this!!  I would like to clarify that "Tainted Love" features stories written by me, but the dances not choreographed by me! Erin Sheppard, Jessica Schilling, Regan K. Saunders, and Rachel Bellotti are the brains behind the moves. Which means it's going to be even better, because all my choreography would involve too much hand movement and hip thrusting. 

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