Expensive Halloween Costumes 2013: The cool, the unique, and the rip-offs

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Some folks like to make their own Halloween costumes from scratch. Others pic something up from Target or Ragstock or another store nearby. And then there are people who like to go all out and make an investment purchase on a getup that is truly memorable. The following is a list of some of the pricier looks on the market this year. Some are probably worth every penny (if you have the pennies), some the buyer could get a lot of use out of over the years, and then there are the ones where it's hard to see why the seller is charging so much. Let's take a look.

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Star Wars Chewbacca Adult Costume: $499.99
This is a costume that keeps on giving. Sure, it's pricey, but any Chewbacca costume involves a lot of work to get the right balance of fur, fangs, and flowing mane. This getup comes with the added bonus in that it's pretty versatile, too. You can wear it to Star Wars gatherings, any festival or convention that welcomes cosplay, and, if you're really bad-ass, you can come up with creative ways to rock this costume, like running a marathon in it.

Spaced Out Astronauts: $1,596
If you get this costume, then you're probably going to be stuck doing a group look for at least a few years. But hey, at least it's a really cool costume. You can wear it to a rave, you can wear it while taking kids trick-or-treating, or you can be your own nightlight and wear it in your apartment with the lights off. The helmets are fitted with LED lights that be be set to just about any flash rate and color. The suits come with NASA and "comical" sci-fi details that you can use to customize your suit. Wondering about how you would imbibe at a party? The getup comes with a backpack that you fill with the drink of your choice, then sip from a straw the winds into the helmet. Just don't ask us how you use the restroom.

Cinderella: $299.99
Looking to be a Disney Princess for Halloween? This costume will help you create the look. However, it's made of Polyester, which isn't a particularly hearty or quality fabric, so beware of open flames and be sure to throw some long underwear on under the skirt if the weather is chilly. Oh, and the gloves come separate.

Scary Clown Kids' Costume: $999.00
Why is this almost a grand? We may never know. If you actually want this look, you can probably get it for $50 or less with some fabric glue and textiles from Joanne Fabrics.

Boba Fett: $899.99
New this year, folks can finally be Star Wars' favorite assassin for Halloween. But it comes with a hefty price tag.

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