Halloween costume ideas, 2013 edition: Easy disguises

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Disguise yourself on the fly.
Sometimes Halloween just jumps out and surprises you. If you've been procrastinating and haven't found a costume yet, we know it's super tempting to go out to the store, find the ugliest, smelliest, most plastic-looking mask and call it a night. But believe us, Halloween can be so much better for you, even if you've only got a hour to plan.

These are costumes for those who are just too lazy, too busy, or just don't give a flying broom about Halloween (but still want to party without looking like a square). A lot of these costumes can be put together with stuff you've already got lying around the house.

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Hats off to you!

Sometimes a hat is all it takes to make a great disguise.

"Hot" glue, anyone?
Stay hot this Halloween, literally. Not only will you be the spiciest person at the party, but you'll also be warm, thanks to the green beanie you'll be wearing. To get the look: Pop on a green beanie or hat, pin the logo to a red shirt of sweater. Et voila!

Elmer's Glue
Step one: Throw on an orange beanie. Step two: Secure the Elmer's logo onto a white shirt and put it on. Step three: Get ready for people to say "I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you." All. Night. Long. (Note: You can use a light blue shirt instead and go as the Elmer's gel glue.)

There goes the hat...
Mary Tyler Moore
For the TV Land lovers, button up your favorite peacoat and get a little blue beret that you can toss up into the air at any and every opportunity while singing, "You're gonna make it after allllll."

Jessica Lange: the baddest witch on the block.
American Horror Story: Coven
There have only been two episodes of season three of Ryan Murphy's horror-steeped show, but audiences are under its spell. This is literally the easiest costume: find an all black outfit, throw on a hat. Bam, you're ready to start charming your way through the party.

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