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Who needs a rink when you've got a snowy sidewalk?
Minnesotans know that winter weather is no joke. While we love to celebrate our colder months with things like the Holidazzle Parade, the St. Paul Winter Carnival, and the Pond Hockey Championship, there are also days when Mother Nature reminds us that she is the cruelest lover of them all. Days when you will get frostbite walking two blocks home from the bar. Days when your car won't start because the gas has frozen in the tank. Days when the snow is higher than your patio door. Days -- many days -- when you hibernate on your couch with some red wine and Netflix streaming.

Did a pack of men in vikings' horns help you move your car to avoid towing? Did you try to camp in a blizzard? Were you a kid that year when we got a foot of snow for Halloween?

We want to hear your worst, most dramatic, and hilarious tales of winter shenanigans. Telling your tale may even win you a prize.

Submissions can be sent to Stories should be no longer than 400 words. And, most importantly, no tall tales. There's no need to fabricate when most of us have at least one crazy winter memory worth sharing.

We'll be taking the best pieces and sharing them online and possibly in print (prizes might be involved, too). We'd like you to include your real name in submissions for verification purposes, but rest assured that the tales we post will be kept anonymous.

The deadline for submission is November 10.

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Tom Gartner
Tom Gartner

Craig Jansma didn't you help build that blue wave building in the background?

Andrew Neil Carson
Andrew Neil Carson

2 words "Snow Emergency" ..One year... I got my car towed bla bla... 3 hours of waiting and a couple hundred bucks later I'm back with my car... That very next night I went to the Turf Club to see some friends play, I carefully check to be sure a snow emergency is NOT in effect, it's not so I'm good! I go check the band, not 45 minutes later leave the show, and walk to my car... it's gone, it was towed because ST. PAUL declared a snow emergency, even though Minneapolis' was finished.... KILL ME, I had to stand OUTSIDE of the St. Paul DMV for hours with a bunch of other poor saps... 2 days, 2 times towed, 2 different twin city snow emergencies... FML... #whitepeopleproblems

Mary Benjamin
Mary Benjamin

Okay, I'll say it: the Halloween blizzard of '91.

Alan Cloud
Alan Cloud

There was this one winter I spent in the Twin Cities...the end.

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