Top 13 most Minnesota Halloween costumes

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Are you still trying to come up with a Halloween costume for tonight or this weekend? While you'll probably see quite a few zombie rehashes and Miley Cyrus imitators, some of the best inspiration for Halloween get-ups comes from the state of Minnesota.

The following are a few ideas for costumes with a decidedly local flavor.

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13. Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra

Formal attire is required here: black dress or tuxedo with a white bow tie. Don't worry about bringing your instrument to the party. Just grab a receipt for the six-figure salary you used to make. Then, quietly in the corner, play the world's smallest violin.
12. Twin Cities Mayoral Candidates

There are so many to choose from. The wonderful difference between the clowns running for election in Minnesota and everywhere else: ours dress the part. Even New Yorkers are scoffing at Sharon Anderson's urban pirate getup, which she displayed at a recent forum in St. Paul: eye patch, a black T-shirt declaring "Lawless America," and as much gold as you can find. In Minneapolis, Jeff Wagner may be the easiest: search the dumpster behind your home for a scrap of old carpet and glue it to your chin. There's bound to be a pair of blue boxers and a mug if you dig deep. Hey, maybe you'll even find Jeff. Bring him to the party and you can both shout campaign slogans that sound like they were dreamed up by the Onion.
11. Marathon-Running Chewbacca

This is an easy enough getup, insofar as all you have to do is buy a regulation Chewbacca costume and tape a 1258 runner's number to it. But to really pull it off, you'll have to assume the happy, arms-pumping gait that was so deftly displayed in the viral photo. By the end of the night, your arms will no doubt be tired, and you'll be sweatier than a mother, but your irony-loving friends will be forever impressed.
Erik Hess
10. Spoonbridge & Cherry

This look is for all you artsy folks out there who want to put a lot of impact into a sartorial statement without all the hassle of a huge costume. Get a styrofoam ball (at any craft store) and spray a quick layer of red paint over it. Then poke a hole into it near the top, stick a pipe cleaner (or a few woven together for added stability) in there, bend it a little, secure with some hot glue, and you've got a stem. Next, secure the whole thing to a headband, and you're a veritable piece of art.
9. Prince

What's a Minnesota Halloween without a Prince costume? Not anything we'd want to be a part of, that's for sure. It's an easy look to put together, too: First, get a purple velvet suit. (You can find those in any thrift store -- just not in the men's department.) Second, find a ruffled shirt. And third, finish it off with a jheri curl. For a more modern take on the Purple One, switch out the curls for an afro, add a pair of sunglasses to wear while you're indoors, and wave a silver cane over your head. In either case, don't forget the pancakes.
B Fresh Photography
8. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

This outta be easy for pretty much everyone, since flannel is practically an official state uniform. Flannel, jeans, boots, and suspenders make up the brunt of Paul's (or Paula's!) costume. Beards are optional, but always awesome whether they're the real deal or a fun faux masterpiece. For a hipster Babe, you'll need blue flannel, blue wig, some horns, and you're good to go. And if you really want to have fun with this, you can go for MNsure's advertisement approach and make Paul a little accident prone: Ax accident? Pesky woodpecker? Sled crash?

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