TPT asks 'Are you MN enough?' in new web series

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What does it mean to be Minnesotan? That is the question that Twin Cities Public Television posits in it's new web series, Are you MN Enough? For the project, 10 different producers were invited to take a Minnesota cliche and examine the reality of it in a short film.

The first episode, created by Stockade Films, is an exploration of Minnesota Nice. The short features Minnesotans Sam Osterhaut, Bobby Drake (Hold Steady), and other folks as they demonstrate the subtle (and no so subtle) nuances of our niceness while hanging at a bar in Brooklyn.  

You can watch what happens in the video after the jump.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.   Ubetcha...that's us.  

Kaci Ralph
Kaci Ralph

Haha I had to repost! Love this !!!

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