10 best and most underappreciated mustaches of Movember

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It's getting colder outside. Dudes' faces are getting furrier. It must be Movember.

Every November, guys pay homage to the greatest and grossest facial hair ever created, the mustache, in order to raise funds and awareness for men's cancers. This is also the time of year when we salute some of the greatest pioneers of the 'stache movement, from Hulk Hogan to Burt Reynolds. But what about those brave men (real and fictional) who proudly displayed a caterpillar on their upper lips, but slipped under the radar of pop-culture facial hair legend? Don't worry; we got you.

In honor of Movember, this week we're counting down the 10 most underappreciated mustached heroes in history. Let's get to sculpting.
10) Charles Bronson

When it comes to terribly awesome action movies, Steven Segal gets way more play than he deserves. Sure, he has awesome catchphrases and a rad ponytail, but in the world of grooming, the rule is that mustaches beat ponytails. Which is why Charles Bronson is our dude.

Wielding a machine gun and fighting crime in the Death Wish series, C-Bron proved that being badass and having facial hair go hand in hand. He may have died a decade ago, but "The Bronson" 'stache lives on today.

9) Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite

Who can forget Napoleon's wig-wearing, mustache-clad, presidential compadre? With a heart of gold and an upper-lip growth reminiscent of America's greatest underage lover, Vili Fualaau, Pedro arguably stole the show in the cult-classic film that taught us all the importance of listening to our hearts. This Movember, we'll all Vote for Pedro.

8) Sergeant Slaughter

Sure, the Hulkster may have blazed a trail for well-oiled wrestlers with well-oiled mustaches in the '80s and '90s, but for every great hero, there has to be a great villain. At the peak of Desert Storm, Sergeant Slaughter turned his back on America and became an Iraqi sympathizer who made it his goal to bring down our hero Hulk Hogan. And he had just the facial hair to do it.

The words "high and tight" have never ringed truer, as the Serge's 'stache was manicured to perfection and ready to throw down with an entire country. Fortunately, the Hulkster took down Slaughter and stood tall for America, but our country has never been in more jeopardy than it was when Sergeant Slaughter and his evil upper lip were running wild.

7) Ludacris

This was a tough one. While Ja Rule may have brought street cred back to mustaches, no one revolutionized rap-game facial hair like LUDA! Not only has the man also known as Christopher Bridges spent the past 15 years carving out a crazy-successful career in hip-hop and acting, but he's also kept his perfectly formed hair lip looking fresh no matter how much older he gets. He "disturbed tha peace," but never disturbed a razor. God bless you, Luda.

6) Mr. Belvedere

Breaking down barriers at number six, Christopher Hewett taught sitcom fans in the '80s that a mustache is key when it comes to cooking, cleaning, solving family problems, and dealing with Bob Ueker on a weekly basis. Mr. Belvedere made being a male nanny/housekeeper look cool long before the term "manny" was even a thing. Combine his excellent taste in facial hair with his sweet English accent, and Mr. Belvedere brought a hint of class to the mustache game that few have ever duplicated.

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