Check out this cool time-lapse video of the cities by local photographer Bill Hickey

Categories: Art
Time-lapse videos are a staple of television-show intros, commercials talking about our 24-7 lives, and clips between news segments. Local photographer and filmmaker Bill Hickey has been making time-lapse bits for clients over the years, and has grouped a few together. The result is a cool mash-up of a few different pockets of the Twin Cities and beyond. Footage includes shots of 94, downtown St. Paul from across the Mississippi, a prairie on a sunny day, the Weisman Art Museum at night viewed from an underpass, an artist creating a mural at a bike shop, folks working on the chandelier at the Orpheum, and more.

Check out the video, titled "Timelapse Demo Reel 2013,"  after the jump.

Timelapse Demo Reel 2013 from Bill Hickey on Vimeo.

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